Sunday, January 15, 2006

Will Ferrel as Bush on Global Warming

Bush tries to explain global warming and is forced to consult a book, albeit a pop up one.

Someone pointed out that it was almost criminal incompetence for the Democrats or sympathetic interests groups to NOT have run the earlier Will Ferrell as Bush as a campaign commercial in the 2004 presidential election, not just because it is funny and memorable, but because it is honest about something that the mainstream press bends over backward to avoid saying:

that Bush is willfully ignorant and possibly retarded apart from his skills as a political and business con man.

Democrats and those further left have an advantage of having smart creative people on their side, but instead rely on the same tired load of consultants the GOP does. Try to remember any of Kerry's campaign commercials compared to this, and it would be hard to argue against tying a rock around the necks of Democratic campaign consultants and throwing them in a pond.

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