Monday, July 17, 2006

Bush massage creeps out German chancellor

This is just weird.

Bush's odd fetish for touching bald men's heads and having a gay prostitute he calls by the same nickname he used for his gay college roommate pose as a reporter and check into the White House some nights and not check out is one thing.

While it is hypocritical for the American press to ignore this after covering what Clinton did with his penis for eight years, those stories would have no consequences on the world scene even if they were covered here.

But sexually harassing or at least severely annoying the leader of the most powerful country in Europe does reflect badly on us. Whoever was in charge of giving Bush his medication today should be fired.

The German magazine Bild calls this "Liebes Attacke" which translates "love attack" or "copping a feel."

Is there anything that will make Republicans ashamed of their spoiled, retarded, frat boy dictator? Does he have to shit on himself in public and make finger puppets out of his own turds before they get it?

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