Sunday, October 22, 2006

California, Dump Arnold!

Incredibly, Arnold is ahead in the polls by keeping a low profile and acting more moderate. People seem to have forgotten what he did to education when he first got into office and seem to not even know that he was cozy with the energy executives like Ken Lay who blackmailed the state for billions. The GOP used that debt that their energy pirates ran up as the club to beat the hapless Gray Davis over the head during the recall. Then when Arnold got in office, he let the pirates off with a slap on the wrist instead of suing them for the full billions they extorted.

Feel free to print these out, and slap them on your bumper, a telephone pole, or most appropriately on the door of a toilet stall, so people will remember to flush this turd along with the rest.

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Some past Arnold artwork to share with your friends (photos may link to posts with multiple images or animations):

animation above

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