Monday, January 15, 2007

Which Star Trek species is Bush most like?

Congressman David Wu referred to the Bushies as Klingons making fun of an earlier reference to them as "Vulcans."

But which Star Trek species is Bush really like?




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nissa annakindt said...

The whole thing is pretty racist. Judging a whole group of people--- whether it's imaginary people like Klingons or Ferengi, or real people like Black people and gay/lesbian people--- is wrong. No matter what your political party.

Edward Ott said...


Mark P said...

None of these.

Vulcans are intelligent. Why the hell are they even on this list?

Klingons value honor. Bush doesn't even come close.

Ferengi are greedy, but they have genuine good business sense. Bush drove three corporations that he ran into bankruptcy.

I'm gonna have to go with Pakleds.