Friday, July 30, 2010

Schwarzenegger: cut state worker pay to build Reagan statue

The California governor and terminator of (not for) the state, wants to cut the budget by giving state workers more unpaid furlough days--he even wanted to cut their pay to minimum wage. Now he wants to build a big ass statue of Ronald Reagan. Could the two be related?

Could this be why his approval rating is below that of his predecessor who the Republicans ran out of office with a recall?


Marc McDonald said...

The dirty wars that Reagan's CIA pursued in Central America led to the deaths of tens of thousands of men, women and children civilians.
Why are our tax dollars being spent to build a monument to this asshole?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Reagan committed treason by negotiating with Iran behind Jimmy Carter's back. Instead of becoming the president, Reagan should have been shot along with the rest of his treasonous minions! After their fair trials, of course!

Realist said...

Arnold failed at everything he was intended to do for the radical reactionaries of Kah-lee-fohnia. So to atone for his shortcomings as he slides out the door, he chooses to screw the state workers and use the savings to glorify the Face of American corporatism. He just isn't smart enough to know that the only things remaining from Rome's Caesars is their art.