Saturday, February 12, 2011

BUMPER STICKER: Wall St broke America, make them pay to fix it!

click to see full-sized:

Some more thoughts on Wall Street and the breaking of America:

Hit DEBIT NOT CREDIT to screw Wall Street BACK (and it will help REAL businesses)

Jack London accurately detailed utter failure of our financial elite

Wall St. opens offices & homes to those they made homeless

ROOT OF RAGE: Is our democracy Wall Street's bitch?

Gov't reaction to Wall Street meltdown like ''punishment'' of Prescott Bush for hiding Nazi money

If teachers got merit pay like Wall Street...

War Profiteers angry over Wall Street Bailout

Bush was a lot like Wall Street

Wall St. execs & bankers feed those they made homeless

Starve the Beast--Wall Street

King of Cayman Islands thanks Bush for Wall St. Bailout

Wall St. Bailout proves Orwell right: financial elite, you are OBSOLETE!

Neutering trust fund babies will not make America safer

Bailout Looks Like Giving Jeffrey Dahmer Steak Knives





Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Perhaps the guillotine in the graphic might turn off some potential allies.

Perhaps something more about fairness & justice, rather than retribution & death.


Professor Smartass said...

@ Anonymous: since this is for a bumper sticker, it has to be instantly intelligible and shocking to make a lasting impression.

Even if someone thinks the guillotine is too far, they would be more inclined to think in the direction of making Wall Street pay.

The shock value is even more important since the mainstream media has moved on to imposing austerity on the rest of us to avoid raising taxes on those assholes.